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Terms & Conditions of Sale


Freedom Screening and Freedom Energy means Freedom Solutions Group Pty Ltd ATF Freedom Family Trust No.1 ABN 47 331 730 935

Buyer means the purchaser of the product manufactured or services rendered by Freedom Screening.

Product means the product(s) and/or services to be supplied by Freedom Screening described on the cover page.

Stage Payment means a payment at the end of product manufacture, before installation.

Practical Completion is defined as 90% or more of the agreed work being completed/installed.

Check Measure is the final measurement taken by Freedom Screening either at point of quotation or repeat visit.

Account Holders means regular trading partners who have been approved by Freedom Screening to hold a trading account.



2.1 Freedom Screening agrees to provide the product as described on the cover page. The buyer agrees to pay the total contract price (incl. GST) for the product at practical completion.

2.2 Alterations made by the buyer will be at the buyers expense once manufacturing has commenced.

2.3 Should the product not suit its application due to circumstances beyond Freedom Screenings control (eg door size is changed, blinds are installed, floor level is lifted, etc) which was not made aware to Freedom Screening at check measure, the buyer will be responsible for any costs incurred to adjust the product and/or its application.

2.4 Delivery & Installation will be completed at the earliest convenience of Freedom Screening. Any indication given by Freedom Screening regarding commencement and/or completion date are an estimate only. Freedom Screening will accept no responsibility or liability for delays caused by unforeseen material/labour shortages or other circumstances beyond Freedom Screenings control.



3.1 Product Value under $10,000: 30% deposit required (account holders exempt). Balance (incl GST) payable at practical completion as per payment schedule.
Product Value over $10,000: 30% deposit required (account holders exempt). 30% Stage payment. 40% balance (incl GST) payable at practical completion as per payment schedule.

3.2 Any deposit paid by the buyer will be forfeited should the buyer cancel the order.

3.3 If work(s) has not commenced prior to 90 days after the buyer has been notified by Freedom Screening that installation can commence, the buyer will be liable for all outstanding monies owing in full.

3.4 The buyer will agree to pay all debt collection costs in the event that the account falls overdue and is placed in the hands of a collection agency.



4.1 If the buyer provides Freedom Screening with details and measurements of the product and does not require Freedom Screening to inspect the site and verify the measurements, then the buyer must accept the product or pay for any alteration/replacement costs.

4.2 Freedom Screening will not accept responsibility/liability for supply only products not installed correctly. The buyer will be liable for any costs incurred to repair/make good such mistakes.

4.3 A 30% deposit is payable to begin manufacture. 70% Stage Payment is required at completion of manufacturing.

4.4 Provided the product is fit for purpose and free from defects, once installed the buyer is not entitled to reject the product.



5.1 Freedom Screening must make good any loss or damage to the product or property of the buyer caused by Freedom Screenings employees or subcontractors.

5.2 Specific exceptions – Freedom Screening is not responsible or liable for:

a. any masonry, rendered or other surfaces cracking or collapsing during or after installation of the product;
b. any defect or deterioration of timber, including drying out after installation of the product;
c. any weakening or collapse of the structure to which the product is affixed, occurring at any time after installation;
d. electrical or plumbing relocations or alterations;
e. rubbish removal, painting, internal tile replacement or reinstatement (unless quoted on cover page);
f. filling of nail or screw holes, puttying or sanding timber;
g. supply and fitting of lintel bars or other forms of support found necessary during installation;
h. removal of existing doors, windows, screens etc in one piece;
i. the cost and fees involved in any application for approval of a local government authority.


5.3 The quotation given by Freedom Screening allows for the installation of its products only. If the buyer requests the removal or refitting of internal/external blinds, awnings, curtains, tracks or other window coverings, Freedom Screening will not take responsibility for the products not fitting or functioning as they did prior to their removal.



Title of the product shall pass to the buyer upon payment for the product in full.



7.1 Subject to the statutory warranties, Freedom Screening warrants that new products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship, from the date of purchase for a period of 5 years. If the product component is defective within the terms of the warranty, Freedom Screening will replace or repair (at its option) the component at no cost. Labour is included for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase/installation and thereafter will be charged (refer 9.1).

7.2 Specific exceptions – the following items have different warranty periods mentioned above. (refer 7.1)

a. Labour 1 year
b. Flymesh 1 year
c. 316 Stainless Steel Security Mesh 11 years
d. Commercial Door & Window Hardware 10 years
e. Residential Door & Window Hardware 7 years
f. Riviera Plantation Shutters 10 years



8.1 Correct use: the warranties only apply to a unit used by the buyer correctly and reasonably and where the product is maintained and serviced by the buyer as recommended by Freedom Screening.

8.2 Follow instructions: the warranties only apply if the buyer observes any instructions or directions provided with the product.

8.3 Installation by Freedom Screening: the warranties cover defects in or malfunction of the product resulting from faulty installation of the product by Freedom Screening installers only.

8.4 Claims for dents and scratches to product(s) will only be recognised up to five days following installation.

8.5 Proven defects: the warranties only apply to repairs of proven defects in materials and workmanship.

8.6 Events beyond the control of Freedom Screening: the warranties do not cover defects in or malfunction of a product due to an event or acts beyond the control of Freedom Screening.

8.7 Model modifications/upgrades: the warranties do not require Freedom Screening to incorporate any modifications/upgrades made to existing or future models of the products in products sold under these warranties.

8.8 Travel Cost: a travel cost may be charged to the buyer for installations and/or repairs carried out in country areas 50km or more radius from Adelaide CBD.

8.9 Proof of purchase date: the buyer must establish to the reasonable satisfaction of Freedom Screening, the date of purchase or installation.

8.10 If it is determined by Freedom Screening that a buyers claim does not fall within warrantable conditions, normal charges will apply (refer 9).



9.1 Call out Fee: $95 incl GST (includes 1st 30min, then $30 per 30 min thereafter). This rate is CPI indexed.

9.2 All product components & extrusions will be charged at market rates.

9.3 All factory/manufacturing labour costs (if required) will be charged at market rates.