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Fly Screen Doors


Flyscreen doors are all the same, right? …Wrong!

Many flyscreen doors on the market are made with inferior framing, plastic handles, no support bar, cheap rollers, etc. In an aim to keep the price down unfortunately this style of screen door doesn’t last long.

As per our ‘Best Quality for Money Spent’ mission statement & 5 year guarantee, Freedom Screening has the following as its standard for flyscreen doors:

  • 80+ colour range
  • K965 Heavy Duty Security Door Framing
  • Lockwood Door Lock & Handle with manual snib
  • Bottom Bugstrip
  • Auto Door Closer (Hinged Doors)
  • Heavy duty top & bottom rollers (Sliding Doors)
  • Stainless Steel Fixings
  • Heavy Duty Corner Stakes
  • Middle Support Bar
  • Long lasting fiberglass or aluminium fly mesh
  • Key alike to existing home locks
  • Auto Door Closer (Sliding Doors)
  • Fire rated mesh
  • Heavy Duty Aluminium mesh
  • Pet Mesh
  • One way vision mesh



Many homes have hopper, awning or casement windows (push-out windows). Generally these window types either have no fly screens or they have unsightly hinged framed fly screens with a little trap door to put your hand through to the window.

Magnetic flyscreens are the stylish & effective solution to these window styles. They are a fantastic alternative to unsightly aluminium fixed fly screens or for windows you were told could not be screened.

The screens are neatly fitted over the edge of your window architrave, frame or inside reveal. With a magnetic, flexible frame – when you want to open your window, you simply lift the corner grip of the magnetic screen, adjust your window and let the screen simply magnetise back into place.

Due to the simplicity of the screens application & removal, cleaning is a breeze making it easy to put the screens away for winter and only use them when required.

5 stock frame colours are available or custom colour (at an extra cost).




Speak to one of our dedicated Technical Support Staff about your needs.