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Elite Roll-Away

Our flagship product re-invented the retractable screen market in 1999 with its patented self-locking brake. The brake allows the screen to stop in any position which not only adds convenience to users but protects against damage and injury compared to the old type of ‘fly back’ screens.

A decade on and still going strong, the ‘Elite Roll-Away’ retractable screen’ is perfect for those with a budget in mind.

Integrate with Freedoms range of Domestic Aluminium Doors & Windows for a great door & screen solution.



Features & Benefits

  • Patented self-locking brake

  • Hidden away when not in use

  • Protects against insects & UV rays

  • Single screen (up to 2 metres wide & 2.2m high or 1.5m wide & 2.7m high)

  • Double screen (up to 4 metres wide & 2.2m high or 3m wide & 2.7m high)

  • Pet proof mesh available

  • Slimline 50 x 50mm housing profile

  • Deep 37mm track to reduce mesh ‘blow-out’. (able to recess down to floor level)

  • 80+ colour range (including near wood colour match)

  • Australian made and engineered with 5 year warranty

  • Integrate with the Freedom range of Domestic Aluminium Doors & Windows.




  • Summer Time

  • Single swing doors (in or out)

  • Double French doors (in or out)

  • Sliding doors

  • Bi-fold doors

  • Multi-stack slide doors

  • Windows

  • Pergola & Outdoor area enclosures



Speak to one of our dedicated Technical Support Staff about your needs.