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Cafe & Sun Blinds


The introduction of ‘track style’ external blinds has revolutionised the market. It has allowed homeowners to create fully enclosed Outdoor Living Areas.

Freedom Slidetrack Blinds are the perfect outdoor enclosure solution. Whether you are trying to keep sun, wind, rain or insects out, we have a multiple of mesh & blind options to suit your needs.

  • Simple & Stylish Design

  • One-handed operation with a central locking mechanism means they are simple to use and can be locked at numerous height levels (personalised to you). There is no need for ropes, pulleys, zippers or straps as older style blinds require. Designed to be unobtrusive and present clean functional lines our wide colour range will complement the appearance of your property.


  • Strong & Durable

  • The screening fabric & bottom bar is firmly secured within the side tracks resulting in a strong design making it near impossible for the blind to come out . All exposed parts are made from stainless steel or powder-coated aluminium. This design sets it apart from other ‘track style’ blinds which rely on plastic components to hold on the outside of the track.


  • Sun & Heat Protection

  • Our 95% UV protection mesh is the great all-rounder. With a 5% fabric openness, you still have the ability to view out while blocking 95% of heat -Great for summer use. Another mesh benefit is its ability to block out wind and most rain. Put a heater into your outdoor area and it will help retain the heat! The perfect all-year round solution.

  • Insect Protection & Airflow

  • Our 60% UV protection mesh will maximise breeze while keeping annoying insects out. We add a sealing strip or valance to the bottom bar as extra protection. By adding an enclosed pelmet around the top blind roll you will further insect proof your outdoor area. Although not full sun-blind mesh, it still offers effective heat reduction.


  • Privacy

  • Our 99% UV protection mesh has all the benefits of the 95% range with the added benefit of not allowing outsiders look in. Full block options are also available.


  • Café Blinds

  • An old favourite, clear or tinted PVC Café Blinds are ideal for creating a cosy environment while maintaining an open feel. Perfect for winter use.


  • Motorised Option

  • All blind options can be fitted with remote controlled Somfy motors. Multiple blind options can be operated by the one remote separately or all at once. Thus creating the ultimate luxury blind system.



Internal blinds have always been recognised as a way to block out summer heat and winter cold. With the added feature of privacy, internal blinds are a mainstay for most homes.

As the market is demanding for more energy efficient products due to 6 star energy rating requirements, when its comes to windows (which can lose up to 50% of a homes heating or cooling ability) the likes of double glazing, window film & external window coverings are dominating peoples thoughts as a way to reduce energy usage.

Although effective, most internal blinds lose their efficiency due to either the material they are made of or the fact that heat or cold escapes through the sides of the blind.

THE NEW Freedom Smartblind overcomes all these problems. Using world leading Ferrari Soltis thermal fabric and mesh retained to track technology; its results in thermal efficiency have been remarkable.

As per the concept of double glazing, applying the Freedom Smartblind to a window creates a still pocket of air between outside and inside conditions, thus creating a thermal ‘blanket’ between the inside of your home & outside conditions. The added feature of Soltis fabric which has been tested to reduce direct sun heat by up to 90% makes the Freedom Smartblind one of the leading thermal blinds on the market.

  • Full block-out fabrics
  • 3% openness fabrics

  • Translucent fabrics

  • No gap – mesh retain to track technology

  • Hand operated with handle (no dangerous cords or chains to open & close blind)

  • Fully Motorised available

  • 60mm Housing Maximum Width of 3400mm & Maximum Height of 2400mm

  • 80mm Housing Maximum Width of 3400mm & Maximum Height of 3200mm

  • 5 Year warranty



Speak to one of our dedicated Technical Support Staff about your needs.